This Marketing Blog Finally Goes Live

December 22, 2020

Internet Marketing

This Marketing Blog Finally Goes Live

Finally after a couple of weeks getting things together, I’m ready to publish my first post, which is exciting for me, but I’m sure not for you I hope my happy picture to the left can show my delight and break the mood. I have a lot to say about the Internet Marketing world, but I will wait for another day, when hopefully I can start some discussions going (of course I need some followers right ha!) but hopefully, with what ever knowledge I have, I will be able to create some great posts, give some great input, and hopefully receive some fantastic input too. As I said, this blog is going to be about the joy of becoming an online Marketer.

I hope to be able to inspire newbies to take action, take the first step and get motivated. It’s hard starting out and a little help goes a long way. What ever I learn, what ever latest news I hear, I will be discussion. I have also created a page just to say where I learned to do what I do, head here if you would like to know Where I learned My Trade. I also want to meet other Successful marketers out there, get chatting with them. It is great to learn off people since I’m really a newbie myself (as a chef of 17 years in this trade you are still always learning) and there are some amazing and nice top marketers out there willing to give some great behind the scenes tips and advice.

I’m still working on the look of this site so do not be afraid of it’s horrendous look now haha!

I’m an Affiliate Marketer 9 months and it has been the best move I have bravely made. I’m still working Part Time now as a chef, but hopefully in a year or two, with some hard work, I will be able to take this on full time and earn the big bucks, because, I’ve only tasted a small amount of it, but my word there is a lot for everybody, willing to put the work in. I have created an About me page if anybody is remotely interested in a lad like myself, as I know, there are thousands and thousands of Marketers out there, but hopefully mt honesty will bring in the readers and followers and as well as serious discussions, informative posts, we can have some fun too.

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Optimize Your Websites Before Google Takes A Dislike

I recently came across a post on a blog I like to read by Andrew Hansen that helped me improve my sites and got me thinking about the amount of other peoples sites I had seen which did not have what I’m about to share with you. There are important pages that you should add to your site that can help Google love it and think of your site as safe, marking it as high quality. Most of us know about the clampdown lately on PPC sites that Google implemented,  with some sites completely disappearing and people been banned from Google Adwords. But in reality, do you really need any of these pages on your site. Here is that list and see if you have any of these on your Websites.

What The Hell Are Half Of These!

Well, that’s a bit over dramatic ha, but you would be surprised how many people have hardly any of these on their websites, and I myself have been guilty of this too. So, I had around 10 Halloween sites that only had the privacy page on them. No contact, no About us etc. but they were doing just ok and the quality score was average. So I added a disclaimer, contact, about us but that was really it. My disclaimer is my affiliate agreement and explains everything. But in adding these I did see improvements in my websites quality score which was brilliant. I do believe having an About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy and disclaimer (if you are an affiliate or sell products) is important to a site. But through my research into the DMCA Policy, Anti Spam Policy and Terms of Use I came to the conclusion that they are just legal documents that you do not really need to add to your site. Andrew does some interesting tests you can see here on Andrew Hansen’s blog. With his theory I do have my own. I really believe that the Google algorithms can not factor whether a site has  random legal documents or not, the privacy policy yes, but the others, no. I also believe there maybe another factor in a rising quality score, and that might be the fact that as we know, more pages and more content, helps determine our quality score. As I have seen an improvement in all my sites, I can only recommend adding the Contact page, about us, privacy policy and disclaimer, shown you are here for the safety, honesty and protection of the people who visit your site or blog.

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Internet Marketing

Find The Top Internet And Affiliate Training

The Internet was once a putty cat that has now exploded in to a fully grown veracious Lion and a lot of people are trying to sit on its back and make money. Yes, been an Internet Marketer is the chosen path of a grown few, few as in thousands, but as the Internet is so big, there is plenty of room. We all want to be our own bosses, create our own hours, work from our warm homes or on a sandy beach, but the thoughts of personal freedom and great money is why we do what we do. What stops most people, and why a lot of people fail, is doing it all wrong and not acquiring the right type of training. Finding that killer Marketing Course is the key.

So How Do You Find The Right Internet Marketing Training?

First of all, research research research. Do not buy in to the first programme or sales pitch you come across. In your search, you are bound to come across people who claim to have made millions, some“geeky kid or online guru”, who has hit the jack pot, cracked the market, and, is willing to share their secrets and “teach you how”for a small price of course. Listen, there is only one way to do this, to be an online Marketer, a successful one at that, and that is to get the correct education. It is all about mind frame. Get out of your head that you can make money, sorry, millions over night. Forget these crappy sales pages. An online Internet Marketing course is your first and most progressive step and you can find great tips on this page The Top Internet Marketing Training courses. Mind Frame. Simple. You have to sit back and look at it this way. Entering in to the world of Internet Marketing you are basically starting a new, exciting of course, career. You have to treat it like any career. It takes training, studying and hard word but the goals and rewards are excellent.

So Where To Start?

Again I say Research. Now, there are a lot of good people out there willing to help with some great training and Marketing tips.

  1. Joel Comm
  2. Pot Pie Girl
  3. Brian Johnson
  4. Brad Callen
  5. Jeremy Shoemaker
  6. Alex Goad

There is an endless list of people out there with great informative blogs and people I like to learn off myself. But it is still hard to get that one on one from these people because they are super busy and sometimes subscribing to their lists you begin to get too many emails, and this can get you flustered, too much information with no structure and start you off on the wrong track, confused and lost.

Use Forums!

For your research on the right course you can use the many Marketing forums, especially The Warrior forum, and see what courses are being talked about, how much good or bad publicity they are receiving and then continue on your research by comparing prices of the courses you fancy.

But which Course?

For this unfortunately I could list thousands, and you haven’t all day. I can recommend Market Motive, though they are a little expensive, but most courses are. Or, I can recommend the course I did and in which I am still a member off, and that is the popular Wealthy Affiliate University. It’s an amazing reasonably priced training course and has a huge marketing community and on this blog I have created a page called Where to learn your trade and it explains all about this Marketing Community. The key here is again, Mind Frame. Believe in your ability. Look at it as your futures investment and all the goals and perks you can create for yourself. Research the right Internet Marketing Course and do the right training. The Internet is going nowhere, and been apart of it’s grown popularity and prospects, is all in your own hands.

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Do You Really Need A Website These Days

I seem to keep coming across this question a lot lately and to me it is an important question. As I have many friends and know a lot of people, who love to write online for sites like Hub-pages, Squidoo or (my favorite place) and some make a little money and others just for pleasure. But with all their hard work they put in to these free landing pages I always wonder and ask, would it not be better if you had your own site.

Some people say, sure why would I need a site? I make money here creating free pages so why bother! Others, shyly say, yes I would love a site but I do not know how, or it is too much work or expensive. So Do you really need a Site these days? To me, the answer is simply yes, and the reason, because it is simpler than ever to build one and a necessity if you own a business.

So What Are The Benefits And Importance To Owning A Website!

1 You can create what ever type of site you like. Whether it is for business, for fun, for pleasure, family friends it does not matter, at the end of the day, it is yours, You Own It.

You can Express your Own Opinions and ideas, say what you like, create what you like. Self freedom and the fact that you created it are a great feeling.

3 You can optimize your site for SEO and PPC, giving you an advantage and great ability to make money and create an income for yourself.

Create and Manage your own content. Again, been able to regularly go in to your website and be able to update or add new information is vital to survival on the Internet, especially since it is changing so quickly.

5 Store and collect data. This is great since you have the power to do this, where if you were using a free site like Hub-pages etc. you would not.

6 Collect E-mails. This is one of the best reasons. In the Marketing world these days, building a list of e-mail subscribers is important, and can contribute to a recurring income. It is one of the best factors of having a website with an opt-in box included.

You Are In Control. You could easily get along on the Internet these days with out a website, as there ae tons of free places to store your information. But if one of these places decided to close shop, which happens, it is possible to lose all you have worked for.

When you create pages with Hub-pages or Squidoo etc. Basically, they own your work. But, by going ahead, learning how to create a website, buying your Domain name, you own it, it is all yours, and if you are starting out in the world of Internet and Affiliate Marketing, it is a very important factor of your trade, and finding the right course and learning how to properly do it is essential. Also, I can’t seem to come up with any negatives to owing your own site other than it can cost a little money, you have to Create it (to me this is fun) and takes a little work, that’s really it.


So, the answer to the question, Do You Really Need A Website is yes, I believe we do. It is very easy to set one up these days, especially because of Word-press, Thank you Word-press. I went from writing on Hub-pages (which I still Do) to doing an Internet Marketing Course and teaching myself to build a website using WordPress. I now own 15 websites, which is excellent for a man only learning to use a computer, and more to come

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Is Social Media Helping Or Slowing Down Your Business

I’ve started out as an Internet Marketer a year now and even in that year I can see the explosion in trends that are the Social Media sites. Now, with these site, they are of course a great  way of promoting your site or sites, getting back links and basically spreading advertisement, and as an Internet and Affiliate marketer they can be used to great advantage. But what about time wasting? Now I see this a lot in the Wealthy Affiliates Forum that people are spending a lot of time promoting their site with Social media and getting nowhere. And another problem here can also be distraction, going in to Social media sites and ending up snooping around, checking out other peoples pages and basically losing all focus on their own sites and business.


So How Do You Use It To You Advantage?

One word, Commitment.  And in word terms it is a vast word. For you to make social media to work for your website and business you need a lot of commitment and hard work. You really need to connect with people, build up a fan base, start interesting discussions by asking questions, maybe talk about your private life, start competitions, and regularly post or tweet new valuable or entertaining content. Remember, it is a great way of engaging your audience. If you do plan to use this method, and to make sure it works for your business, it would be wise to us a  strategy, make a business plan, choose which social media platforms you want to use and go at them hard. Build up your following and dominate your niche market. Social Media can be very beneficial to your business making you money once you do it correctly but you need to be-careful.

One slip up on a site, posting something invaluable or an aggressive or cheeky comment could back fire losing you your status on the Social media site, losing you visitors and money. There is no slowing down with this monster. Facebook and twitter are becoming powerful tools in the marketing world once you use the right method. Engaging your audience yet staying focused is the key, do not get side tracked with meaningless discussions and posting. Remember, a website cannot live without social media nowadays because relationship with readers does matter. People are using these sites to communicate more now rather than using phones to ring or even sending emails. Everything is done through social sites and will keep on as this trendy monster grows. I don’t believe anyone with a website today can afford not to use social media as part of their overall online marketing strategy.

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The Wealthy Affiliate University-Is It Worth The Tution Fee

As a member I could easily say yes, but as a member I also see people joining up who I know will not make it, do not have the heart, are way in over their heads, and to me, throwing away good money. The questions you need to ask yourself if you are doing your research right now is, what do you want? Is it an education or new Career? Can I afford money out of my account monthly? Will there be a justifiable end if I commit myself?

What Do You Want?

When I asked myself that question a year ago, it was of course more money, to be my own boss and have my own hours. That sounds fantastic but more like a fairytale. It’s important to give your self realistic goals and a time frame . Of course it is possible to create these goals for yourself, but remember it will take time, I’ve been a Marketer a year and still work part time, but thanks to my training and hard work, I’m getting there. Know what you want and be prepared to commit.

Are You Receiving A New Career Or Education?

In joining the Wealthy Affiliate what is my mission and what will my gains be? Are you searching for the latest education or a new career? The best answer and way to look at this is, you are getting the correct education for a new career. Remember, Internet and Affiliate marketing is a career. Even if you just want to make a few dollars, you are gaining new knowledge and education that people are using to make a bucket load of money. By trade I’m a chef, and with this new training I have been doing, making your first sale is very exciting (jumping around the room like a pumped up monkey) and in reality, I am learning a new skill, a new trade, a new education and it makes you feel great to be doing something different. Knowing that this is a new world you are entering and knowing that you need the right guidance and training is the key to your survival.

Can I afford Money Out Of My Account Monthly?

This is a big issue, especially in today’s economic situation. The Wealthy Affiliate is of course a membership site with the options of a monthly or yearly fee. There are 2 options on membership fees which is great and keeps it affordable for everyone. But, again as I was talking about above, know what you want, do your research. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly not the only Internet Marketing Courses online so look around, but you will soon see they are the most affordable (as some are in the thousands of dollars, WA doesn’t even hit the hundred) and also give you an option of been an affiliate for the course which can pay for it when you make a sale, which is brilliant. If you want to be educated and apart off a huge Marketing community, then your membership fee should be considered an investment in to you, and eventually when you create sales, pay for itself.

Can you commit yourself and will you be rewarded?

In other words, will the Wealthy Affiliate membership help with my Internet Marketing career? And speaking with experience the straight honest answer I can give is yes!. This online training community has all the tools and resources people pay thousands for, with the benefit of thousands of top Marketers willing to help in the forum. It is a very close community and has helped, only the people who stick around and know that this is the future they want, make their first sales. When you pay a membership for anything be sure to have a goal. Write them down. Creating your goals, getting the right training, working hard and taking your time will all eventually come together and pay for itself as it is doing for me. Have the courage, anyone can be an Internet Marketer, but the people with the correct solid training are the people who become successful and last online. It is a new career, and a new career is a new beginning, enjoy!


Using Emotions With Marketing To Promote Your Website

When global economy is in recession, many people are searching for ways to set their online based business successfully and they want to find different ways to have more sales and entice more customers to their website. How can emotional marketing be applied for website promotion? This is a very hot question. Emotional marketing is the best way to match your target clients to a product or service. Very often people buy products and services on impulse because of emotions. Aroma is the most powerful emotional trigger that goes right to the limbic in the mind. Emotions often prevail over logic. It`s obvious we can not apply fragrances on our websites. When people are laughing, the endorphins are freed which are substances that improve their mood. And when people in a good temper when they are on the website, they tend to purchase what you can provide. Color is another emotional trigger.

Color influences customers significantly. Green evokes thoughts about money and business and aquamarine helps people to be calm and serene; night-blue, darkly brown are depressing. various events, news and interest, all this affects emotions of people. Trade names and the products that they introduce have emotional relation with the products and services which make them to do something. For instance, air boots make sporters think that they will play better. Companies apply emotional marketing via ads to make clients feel a personal connection which they apply control market share. You should make your website triggering and useful to the clients. The colours of your website should have relation to the product. For instance: if you market video games on your website, use yellow and red colors, this will boost sales. Your visitor should make emotional link to what you sell on your website before they will purchase.

All day long consumers are surfing the internet, they get plagued with ads. The ads they click on are the only they that they are emotionally enticed to. First of all they are enticed by the color, then the content, the front type and volume in the end. Make sure that the text heading attracts customers to take action via some kind of emotion, curiosity for example; debt cover; becoming wealthy; finding financial solutions etc. Now the visitors click and enter your website, your landing page should convince the visitors that you comprehend their problem and the content should highlight that you give exactly what they are searching for, you are the only one who can satisfy their demands. Emotional marketing can be used for your website promotion by leaving emotional comments on social website blogs which would encourage responses.

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Should Students Buy Wealthy Affiliate

It is if they are looking for a place where they will be given and taught the ins and outs of Internet marketing along with the resources to make it work. Why should students buy Wealthy Affiliate? That is the big question circling in your brain right now. I was asking myself that question 6 weeks ago. I looked all over the Internet looking to see if it was a good deal and should students buy Wealthy Affiliate until I started getting crossed eyed. And after all was said and done, I never found anything bad about Wealthy Affiliate. If it was a rip off, or if the owners were just trying to get your money and run, you’d think that someone would write something negative about it somewhere. But I never found anything that said bad things about Wealthy Affiliate.

Should students buy Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, you can’t really buy it; what you actually do is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It cost $47 a month, but for that $47 you get a lot of bang for the buck. There are so many resources to help you, whether you are a beginner just starting out or a wily veteran marketer; there is stuff to help you out. Again, should students buy Wealthy Affiliate? If you’re a newbie (as you will be affectionately known as in the forums), you are given a step-by-step 12 week Action Plan that will teach you all about affiliate marketing, the different angels that are used and how to make money doing it. This Action Plan will walk you through everything you need to know to be a successful, money making affiliate marketer. There are tutorials that give you step-by-step instructions on how to be a successful marketer. Within the Learning Center you will find 33 tutorials and 5 videos to show you how and why to do things.

That would be enough to answer the question: Should Students Buy Wealthy Affiliate? But that is only scratching the surface of the resources that will be available to you. There is also the Research Center where you will be able to use a Keyword Generator, a Keyword Research Tool, or even a Competition Spy to see what your competition is doing. This is more then enough reasons why students buy Wealthy Affiliate. But wait, there’s more. You will also be able to take accreditation courses that will give you very detailed information explaining everything you ever wanted to know about making money with article writing (which cost absolutely ZERO out of your pocket to do) and pay per click (which are the little ads you see on the side of Google searches. If that isn’t enough to convince you why students buy Wealthy Affiliate, there is always the forum where members can go to find answer their many questions. And the members of Wealthy Affiliate, including the owners Kyle & Carson, are great at answering all the questions and to give you tid bits of advice. And for the Grand Finale, Wealthy Affiliate has free web hosting and a free website builder called Site Rubix and now also wordpress, which makes setting up a website a breeze, whether you have ever set one up before or not.

If you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, and after looking around and trying things out decide that it’s just not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. But I’m telling you, once you are a member you will never want to cancel. So, should students buy Wealthy Affiliate? Again, YES!! But you must treat it as a real profession. You will need to put in the work for it to be a success. It is not a get rich quick scam. Wealthy Affiliate is a site that will teach you, guide you, help you and give you the resources and encouragement that will enable you to become a successful, money making Internet marketer. You will find it overwhelming and hard at first. But that is only because of all the great information that is available to you. It is hard to get all the information soaked into your head as fast as you’d like it to. But after the shock wears off, things really start to click and the ideas you want to try all sudden flood your mind. Now you are ready to start putting forth that information and start making that money. So join Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself. You won’t regret it. Part Time or a Full Time income can be had by anyone who has the desire, motivation and the drive to learn the basics of Internet Marketing. Even a retired grandma who is raising her 3 grandchildren can do this.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Webinar – What Is A Webinar

What is a webinar? What is a WAbinar? And what is this free Wealthy Affiliate Webinar all about? Three solid questions to answer with some exciting Internet Marketing news too. Webinars are not relatively new, but so important in today’s business world and a great way of communication.

What Is A Webinar?

Basically this is short for a web-based seminar which can include a presentation, lecture, workshop, meeting or seminar that is transmitted over the Web. Webinars are a great way, very modern way of communication and one of the key features of a Webinar is its interactive elements with ability to give, receive and discuss important information. These are excellent for business communications worldwide. You could be sitting in America having a meeting with people in Japan, face to face, talking and discussing.

What Is A WAbinar?

WAbinars are the names giving to the Internet Marketing Video seminars held within the Wealthy Affiliate University for members on topics that will help take your Internet Marketing skills to the next level. You just register for the Webinar, and join in on the live discussion on what ever the topic it is. These WAbinars are a great way to ask questions and learn how to improve your online Marketing Career, and also a great way to meet fellow members or top Internet Marketers.

And What Is This Free Wealthy Affiliate Webinar All About?

As from Tuesday March 1st from Noon until Tuesday March 8th, Noon, The Wealthy Affiliate is opening its doors to everyone with a $1 trial for the week which is great news, but more importantly from Tuesday March 1st, at 9PM EST, the Wealthy Affiliate is holdinga free sneak peek webinar with one of the members which will show you what is offered inside of Wealthy Affiliate with no obligation. Nothing to purchase. Just and inside look. All you have to do is register. It’s free and even held before you fork out the one dollar for the weeks free trial. This webinar, for any people interested in joining up with this community and are still unsure, will give you a chance to see inside, ask questions (very important) and will then and there help you make the decision whether the Wealthy Affiliate is for you or can it help you with your online business or marketing career. Be sure to join in on this important webinar by registering here and get a sneak peek inside the Wealthy Affiliate. They only do trials like this every few years so by joining in with the webinar, it is a great chance to see what’s on offer. Visit the Internet Marketing Cauldron blog for more details.

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The Wealthy Affiliate Discount – A Week’s Trial Not To Be Missed

Most people have heard about the Wealthy Affiliate Community and the brilliant Internet and Affiliate Marketing training that is received there. But most people looking to become marketers are still not members, or are unsure and think this place maybe a scam, which is understandable. But, for people unsure or skeptical, a great opportunity is coming your way as the growing Community of The Wealthy Affiliate University is about to become much bigger. As from Tuesday March 1st from Noon until Tuesday March 8th, Noon, The Wealthy Affiliate is opening its doors to everyone with a $1 trial for the week, yep!, a Dollar, unreal, wish they would have done this when I was joining. There will also be a free webinar with one of the regular members like myself taking a closer look inside the community. As a newbie Internet Marketer myself, I know the value of an opportunity like this.

Over a year ago, I was like you, stalking and sourcing the Internet for the right information on how to make some money online, and as the economy get deteriorated, the amount of people turning to the Internet is vast and astonishing. But who would blame them when money can be made through hard work building up an Online Business or simple Affiliate marketing. But the problem here is people are not finding the correct training, learning to do things the wrong way and even paying thousands for useless online information or courses. As Google keeps understandably changing its rules, it is important to learn how to be an Internet Marketer correctly from the beginning so you never get in trouble or get a black mark on your name. This is the great thing about the Wealthy Affiliate Community. The training is amazing, up to date, and most important, honest.

With The opening up of the community for a week it is an incredible opportunity for anyone wanting to learn how to make money online the right and secure way and also to join the most popular Internet Marketing community on the net. This is Wealthy Affiliates first trial in over 1.5 years with full access to the community for one full week with no membership restrictions on hosting, forum, spaces, website creation, keyword tool, WABinars, and even one-on-one support, need I say any more. By taking part in the free webinar, if you do not like what you see, you just saved a dollar. The webinar also gives you a chance to ask some questions which is brilliant. As I said, a great opportunity and after a week, if your not convinced or think it is not for you, well, will you miss a dollar. Sign up today for the Free Webinar and take advantage of this great opportunity. If you are serious about learning to be an Internet marketer, setting up an online business for yourself, or changing your career, a week with Wealthy Affiliate may just be the key to inspiring that much needed push. Visit my Internet Marketing Cauldron blog for more in-depth details thank you.