Should Students Buy Wealthy Affiliate

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Should Students Buy Wealthy Affiliate

Category: Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Should Students Buy Wealthy Affiliate

It is if they are looking for a place where they will be given and taught the ins and outs of Internet marketing along with the resources to make it work. Why should students buy Wealthy Affiliate? That is the big question circling in your brain right now. I was asking myself that question 6 weeks ago. I looked all over the Internet looking to see if it was a good deal and should students buy Wealthy Affiliate until I started getting crossed eyed. And after all was said and done, I never found anything bad about Wealthy Affiliate. If it was a rip off, or if the owners were just trying to get your money and run, you’d think that someone would write something negative about it somewhere. But I never found anything that said bad things about Wealthy Affiliate.

Should students buy Wealthy Affiliate?

Well, you can’t really buy it; what you actually do is to become a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It cost $47 a month, but for that $47 you get a lot of bang for the buck. There are so many resources to help you, whether you are a beginner just starting out or a wily veteran marketer; there is stuff to help you out. Again, should students buy Wealthy Affiliate? If you’re a newbie (as you will be affectionately known as in the forums), you are given a step-by-step 12 week Action Plan that will teach you all about affiliate marketing, the different angels that are used and how to make money doing it. This Action Plan will walk you through everything you need to know to be a successful, money making affiliate marketer. There are tutorials that give you step-by-step instructions on how to be a successful marketer. Within the Learning Center you will find 33 tutorials and 5 videos to show you how and why to do things.

That would be enough to answer the question: Should Students Buy Wealthy Affiliate? But that is only scratching the surface of the resources that will be available to you. There is also the Research Center where you will be able to use a Keyword Generator, a Keyword Research Tool, or even a Competition Spy to see what your competition is doing. This is more then enough reasons why students buy Wealthy Affiliate. But wait, there’s more. You will also be able to take accreditation courses that will give you very detailed information explaining everything you ever wanted to know about making money with article writing (which cost absolutely ZERO out of your pocket to do) and pay per click (which are the little ads you see on the side of Google searches. If that isn’t enough to convince you why students buy Wealthy Affiliate, there is always the forum where members can go to find answer their many questions. And the members of Wealthy Affiliate, including the owners Kyle & Carson, are great at answering all the questions and to give you tid bits of advice. And for the Grand Finale, Wealthy Affiliate has free web hosting and a free website builder called Site Rubix and now also wordpress, which makes setting up a website a breeze, whether you have ever set one up before or not.

If you do decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, and after looking around and trying things out decide that it’s just not for you, you can cancel your membership at any time. But I’m telling you, once you are a member you will never want to cancel. So, should students buy Wealthy Affiliate? Again, YES!! But you must treat it as a real profession. You will need to put in the work for it to be a success. It is not a get rich quick scam. Wealthy Affiliate is a site that will teach you, guide you, help you and give you the resources and encouragement that will enable you to become a successful, money making Internet marketer. You will find it overwhelming and hard at first. But that is only because of all the great information that is available to you. It is hard to get all the information soaked into your head as fast as you’d like it to. But after the shock wears off, things really start to click and the ideas you want to try all sudden flood your mind. Now you are ready to start putting forth that information and start making that money. So join Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself. You won’t regret it. Part Time or a Full Time income can be had by anyone who has the desire, motivation and the drive to learn the basics of Internet Marketing. Even a retired grandma who is raising her 3 grandchildren can do this.

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The Wealthy Affiliate Discount – A Week’s Trial Not To Be Missed

Most people have heard about the Wealthy Affiliate Community and the brilliant Internet and Affiliate Marketing training that is received there. But most people looking to become marketers are still not members, or are unsure and think this place maybe a scam, which is understandable. But, for people unsure or skeptical, a great opportunity is coming your way as the growing Community of The Wealthy Affiliate University is about to become much bigger. As from Tuesday March 1st from Noon until Tuesday March 8th, Noon, The Wealthy Affiliate is opening its doors to everyone with a $1 trial for the week, yep!, a Dollar, unreal, wish they would have done this when I was joining. There will also be a free webinar with one of the regular members like myself taking a closer look inside the community. As a newbie Internet Marketer myself, I know the value of an opportunity like this.

Over a year ago, I was like you, stalking and sourcing the Internet for the right information on how to make some money online, and as the economy get deteriorated, the amount of people turning to the Internet is vast and astonishing. But who would blame them when money can be made through hard work building up an Online Business or simple Affiliate marketing. But the problem here is people are not finding the correct training, learning to do things the wrong way and even paying thousands for useless online information or courses. As Google keeps understandably changing its rules, it is important to learn how to be an Internet Marketer correctly from the beginning so you never get in trouble or get a black mark on your name. This is the great thing about the Wealthy Affiliate Community. The training is amazing, up to date, and most important, honest.

With The opening up of the community for a week it is an incredible opportunity for anyone wanting to learn how to make money online the right and secure way and also to join the most popular Internet Marketing community on the net. This is Wealthy Affiliates first trial in over 1.5 years with full access to the community for one full week with no membership restrictions on hosting, forum, spaces, website creation, keyword tool, WABinars, and even one-on-one support, need I say any more. By taking part in the free webinar, if you do not like what you see, you just saved a dollar. The webinar also gives you a chance to ask some questions which is brilliant. As I said, a great opportunity and after a week, if your not convinced or think it is not for you, well, will you miss a dollar. Sign up today for the Free Webinar and take advantage of this great opportunity. If you are serious about learning to be an Internet marketer, setting up an online business for yourself, or changing your career, a week with Wealthy Affiliate may just be the key to inspiring that much needed push. Visit my Internet Marketing Cauldron blog for more in-depth details thank you.

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Internet Marketing

New To Internet Marketing – Fear Not The Beast

If you are a regular reader to my blog or a newbie, you will know I have been doing Internet and Affiliate Marketing online for over a year now (though I haven’t posted here for a while naughty me-busy me) but I just thought I would give a quick post to the people who are new to this game or are thinking about starting to learn how to be a marketer online.

Starting Out Are You Now!

This last year has been as they say a roller-coaster of a ride with blood and sweat and breaking my “you know what” trying to learn how to be a marketer and make some money online. Now, with this hard work there have been rewards and I have made decent money (especially last Halloween) and will keep doing this mostly part time for now, as I am sure like everyone, we have other things to do, mine been boxing, cooking in kitchens and writing online for magazines. But for newbies to this trade, my advice is go for it, there is money to be made online, just stay away from “Make Millions” products and scams. There are literally thousands out there and you will be wasting your money, do what I did andLearn the right way.

What To Do?

As a newbie, like any new trade, it will be overwhelming and difficult to get your head around new things but be determined and success will follow. As a newbie you will need to know about all the new Google rules (the famous Google Panda for starters) and as you start your training (I did and am still doing it with Wealthy Affiliate) you will need to teach yourself how to Write Articles, Build Websites (so easy these days with word press and you can view my website building tips here) learn all about keyword tools and other resources that you need when starting a new trade, how to get Traffic to your sites and how to promote yourself. It takes time when starting out as an Internet Marketer and been an Affiliate Marketer, earning commissions takes practice and a proper plan and routine, but again with the right training (need help grab this free marketing start up guide I have created or just send me a mail using the submit box up on the left) and patience, determination and trust me, when you make your first sale, it is like winning the lotto.

Give Me Questions

Like you, I am new to this game but going quite well and want to help people that were once like me, a little lost and looking for guidance and I will answer any questions  that I can and help where I can. That’s it for today, have a good one, Stephen.