Mobile Marketing Strategy For Your Business

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Mobile Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Category: Marketing


Mobile Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Before we discuss the most effective mobile marketing strategy for your business we should firstly examine what exactly is meant by mobile marketing and how it fits within our internet marketing strategy and the types of internet marketing promotions that we have available. Simply speaking mobile marketing is the process of marketing or presenting content to a potential customer via a handheld device such as a cellphone or some brand of tablet. Obviously there is a wide disparity in the type of handsets available in the cellphone market and you must factor in that the mobile devices are not all smart devices with touchscreen displays. Mobile marketing can be defined as using interactive wireless media to provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas, thereby generating value for all stakeholders”

Mobile marketing is sometimes also referred to as wireless marketing as generally mobile marketing is termed the method which uses the cell carrier or wireless service to distribute the message or advertisement. The use of “wireless” within mobile descriptions relates to the wireless cell network not a wireless LAN connection such as you might connect to at home or in a hotspot. Check out the statistics on this infographic showing the effectiveness of a mobile marketing strategy. One of the most remarkable statistics if there was any doubt on the effectiveness of mobile marketing is the increase in marketing spend on mobile marketing over the past 4 years. The value has quadrupled since 2009 from less than half a billion dollars to three and a half billion dollars. In stark contrast to this statistic is that 45 percent of business do not yet at all have an effective mobile marketing strategy. It would be interesting to discover how this statistic has changed over the past few years also. In Google new we can see that the push is towards gearing up for advertising on smaller displays whereas the trend was previously for handset displays to get larger.

Mobile Advertisers Brace for Smaller Smartphone Screens – Mobile Marketing Watch

Marketing Land Mobile Advertisers Brace for Smaller Smartphone Screens Mobile Marketing Watch Mobile Advertisers Brace for Smaller Smartphone Screens 289×300 Mobile Advertisers Brace for Smaller Smartphone Screens It’s been a primary concern for many. Possibly this is to try and capture the large volume of users with devices which are not smart devices. In 2012 it was estimated that nearly fifty percent of handsets sold within the United States were not smart phones.

Mobile Marketing and M2M Communications (The Internet of Things)

Outtakes from the NJ chapter of the BMA summit where Christina “CK” Kerley discussed mobile and m2m communications, aka “The Internet of Things”

 Mobile Coupons Fueling Mobile Commerce – Mobile Marketing Watch

Mobile Coupons Fueling Mobile Commerce – Mobile Marketing Watch – Mobile Coupons Fueling Mobile Commerce Mobile coupons and mobile commerce have an inextricable future together. That much is clear in a new report. This is another interesting statistic if there was any doubt about the effectiveness of a mobile marketing strategy. From the beginning of until the end of, mobile commerce increased from 3% of all eCommerce to a whopping 11%; a value estimated at eighteen billion dollars. Mobile coupons were an increasing trend as one of the drawbacks of mobile handsets has been the limited display size whereas clipping a coupon can be achieved easily on a mobile handset. So if you haven’t yet established a mobile strategy of your own get to work on it as soon as possible. There are a number of things you can implement quickly if you’re on WordPress such as using responsive or adaptive themes and mobile aware plugins. However you should really be considering embracing mobile users and developing an effective mobile marketing strategy to embrace these users specifically with mobile content as in the long run it will help increase your business or your business may even suffer if you neglect them.


Using Emotions With Marketing To Promote Your Website

When global economy is in recession, many people are searching for ways to set their online based business successfully and they want to find different ways to have more sales and entice more customers to their website. How can emotional marketing be applied for website promotion? This is a very hot question. Emotional marketing is the best way to match your target clients to a product or service. Very often people buy products and services on impulse because of emotions. Aroma is the most powerful emotional trigger that goes right to the limbic in the mind. Emotions often prevail over logic. It`s obvious we can not apply fragrances on our websites. When people are laughing, the endorphins are freed which are substances that improve their mood. And when people in a good temper when they are on the website, they tend to purchase what you can provide. Color is another emotional trigger.

Color influences customers significantly. Green evokes thoughts about money and business and aquamarine helps people to be calm and serene; night-blue, darkly brown are depressing. various events, news and interest, all this affects emotions of people. Trade names and the products that they introduce have emotional relation with the products and services which make them to do something. For instance, air boots make sporters think that they will play better. Companies apply emotional marketing via ads to make clients feel a personal connection which they apply control market share. You should make your website triggering and useful to the clients. The colours of your website should have relation to the product. For instance: if you market video games on your website, use yellow and red colors, this will boost sales. Your visitor should make emotional link to what you sell on your website before they will purchase.

All day long consumers are surfing the internet, they get plagued with ads. The ads they click on are the only they that they are emotionally enticed to. First of all they are enticed by the color, then the content, the front type and volume in the end. Make sure that the text heading attracts customers to take action via some kind of emotion, curiosity for example; debt cover; becoming wealthy; finding financial solutions etc. Now the visitors click and enter your website, your landing page should convince the visitors that you comprehend their problem and the content should highlight that you give exactly what they are searching for, you are the only one who can satisfy their demands. Emotional marketing can be used for your website promotion by leaving emotional comments on social website blogs which would encourage responses.


Wealthy Affiliate Free Webinar – What Is A Webinar

What is a webinar? What is a WAbinar? And what is this free Wealthy Affiliate Webinar all about? Three solid questions to answer with some exciting Internet Marketing news too. Webinars are not relatively new, but so important in today’s business world and a great way of communication.

What Is A Webinar?

Basically this is short for a web-based seminar which can include a presentation, lecture, workshop, meeting or seminar that is transmitted over the Web. Webinars are a great way, very modern way of communication and one of the key features of a Webinar is its interactive elements with ability to give, receive and discuss important information. These are excellent for business communications worldwide. You could be sitting in America having a meeting with people in Japan, face to face, talking and discussing.

What Is A WAbinar?

WAbinars are the names giving to the Internet Marketing Video seminars held within the Wealthy Affiliate University for members on topics that will help take your Internet Marketing skills to the next level. You just register for the Webinar, and join in on the live discussion on what ever the topic it is. These WAbinars are a great way to ask questions and learn how to improve your online Marketing Career, and also a great way to meet fellow members or top Internet Marketers.

And What Is This Free Wealthy Affiliate Webinar All About?

As from Tuesday March 1st from Noon until Tuesday March 8th, Noon, The Wealthy Affiliate is opening its doors to everyone with a $1 trial for the week which is great news, but more importantly from Tuesday March 1st, at 9PM EST, the Wealthy Affiliate is holdinga free sneak peek webinar with one of the members which will show you what is offered inside of Wealthy Affiliate with no obligation. Nothing to purchase. Just and inside look. All you have to do is register. It’s free and even held before you fork out the one dollar for the weeks free trial. This webinar, for any people interested in joining up with this community and are still unsure, will give you a chance to see inside, ask questions (very important) and will then and there help you make the decision whether the Wealthy Affiliate is for you or can it help you with your online business or marketing career. Be sure to join in on this important webinar by registering here and get a sneak peek inside the Wealthy Affiliate. They only do trials like this every few years so by joining in with the webinar, it is a great chance to see what’s on offer. Visit the Internet Marketing Cauldron blog for more details.


The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing With Wealthy Affiliate

As you may know as reader to this blog that I do not post very regularly booo! but on the plus side, that is because I am busy with my Marketing campaigns and also helping newbies like myself get their first campaign and websites up and running. You may also know that I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate University, the place where I learned and still learning to do what I do and yes of course, the place I am always recommending, but I want to quickly talk about a great addition to this place and one of the main reasons I am still a avid member.

New at WA

Well it is not that new, but in the last few months, a member by the name of Jay, a really cool bloke has been hosting a weekly webinar or as it is called a WAbinar at Wealthy Affiliate. Now for any one new to Affiliate Marketing, or recently joined WA these WAbinars have been amazing. A webinar, a video link up with other members as it is (read more on webinars here) is a great way to get information from a top marketer like Jay, and these WAbinars have been a huge hit at Wealthy Affiliate. If you are a member and have not joined in on one I strongly urge you. Jays WAbinars are excellent for newbies clueless to IM and he has helped anyone new to this game that have joined in or watched the repeats at WA relax and get their first campaigns going, first websites made, made it easier for people to understand what to do and most importantly, helped people make their first dollars online. If you really need that push or help with your online IM career there is no better way to learn than face to face with someone successful and this is why webinars are so popular.

They are easy to communicate with each other, packed full of information, you can ask questions at the end of each session and if you miss one, you can go watch the replay and post questions on the page in the forum, excellent. There are thousands of Webinars online, but I have to be biased of course and say that Jays are truly the best I have come across simply because he is a successful marketer, is not selling a product, really wants to help, is a laid back family man that is there to help anytime, and this is why I am still a member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can not beat the training there and with Jays WAbinars now included, you can succeed much quicker than most online. Take a look at the video below and you can get a picture of what Jay is all about. Yes these WAbinars are only for members of Wealthy Affiliate, should I say lucky members but it is again as you can see one of the reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is the number 1 Affiliate and Internet marketing training course online and the most popular IM community. Read more about Wealthy Affiliate here. Any comments be sure to leave one and let me know what you think and know about webinars.