The Main Type Of Internet Marketing Promotion

December, 2020

Internet Marketing

The Main Type Of Internet Marketing Promotion

Internet marketing promotion is the concept of using the internet to either enhance or be the main focus of your marketing campaigns effort. If you a traditional bricks and mortar business this may be additional marketing effort whereas if you are an online only business these types of internet marketing promotion can be the main focus of your marketing websites strategy. The types of internet marketing promotion chosen can entail all or some of the following methods of marketing, depending on your budget and the competition within your market segment or niche.

Banner Advertising

A Banner Ad or Web Banner is an image that displays a stationary or moving graphic and has a built in hyperlink or link to the advertiser’s website. This is a very common form of targeted internet marketing on the internet as it can be targeted by the demographics of your customer in order to save costs. This type of advertising also benefits from be able to gain very quick feedback from your customers on the effectiveness of your online marketing promotion. Banner ads can supplement traditional magazine and street banner ads to enhance marketing campaigns. An additional benefit of this form of website internet marketing over traditional marketing banners is because they are delivered electronically they can be amended quickly, mid campaign, in order to tweak the performance. This can ensure the potential over the period of the website marketing strategy is maximized. If banner A is outperforming banner B, it is possible to hold back on the delivery of banner B and increase the delivery of banner A to increase conversions with no increase in banner spend, making the marketing campaign more profitable. Banner ads are one of the more cost effective types of internet marketing promotion.

Back Linking and Link Exchanges

Websites can utilize back links to increase their traffic, as they act as a referral from one site to another. The search engine spiders will then follow the links from the first site to the second within the back linking. Back links between sites are generally  grown organically as word of the site or product is communicated and commented online. Some site authors will however to enhance their online marketing campaigns; exchange links with complementary sites for free. This is usually dependent on them being the same PR or page rank. These link exchanges can also be managed through a membership sites where all members agree to exchange links with complementary sites.  Busy high traffic and high PR websites will however sell back links which can increase your sites exposure online.

Email Marketing

This is one of the best and easiest ways to market your business or business promotion and reach out to your target audience.  Email marketing is a form of online direct marketing using electronic mail to keep in touch with your customers and advise them of new products or changes in products and services. Email marketing has replaced traditional mail marketing and is much more cost effective form of online marketing for small business and larger ones as costs are low with postage and mailing costs being saved. Email marketing is also a very quick and targeted internet marketing method with feedback response to a new online marketing plan able to happen within hours instead of days. Aweber is a good example of one of the most popular email direct marketing vendors with a rich set of features to manage your direct mail and subscriber list safely so that you are never accused of spamming. Email marketing is probably one of the least cost types of internet marketing promotion but still very powerful if utilized effectively.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is a type of an online advertising campaign for internet marketing promotions which essentially involves advertisers to pay for the visitors to their website on a Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. The client only pays when a user clicks on its ‘’Sponsored Link” and visits that particular website. These links are however ranked in terms of cost with the most expensive links placed higher on the search page results. These adverts are recognized by everyone now as the small ads that are displayed within the search engine (SERPS) listings by Google, Bing and Yahoo. These ads can also now be targeted to display within content such as online email readers, article directories, magazine sites and other material published online. There are now many vendors of PPC ads in addition to the SERPS such is the size now of this market. Enhancements in this technology have now also introduced contextual advertising which allows hyperlinks to advertisements to be displayed within the content of the actual page. PPC is a very effective form of internet marketing promotion and can provide significant traffic volumes. Again this needs to be utilized properly to minimize the costs and make it cost effective.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program involves publishers or marketers who target advertisers or other marketers in exchange for commissions on leads and/or sales generated. This is an electronic version of a distribution network of goods and services. The originator or manufacturer passes on his products for a reduced sale value for the benefit of widening his sales network or footprint in the market. As many products traded on the internet are electronic  there is no stocking costs for the vendors and they don’t have to maintain an inventory which is very cash effective and beneficial to your business.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing for website promotion marketing is using social media or other sharing sites to have your message promoted around the web automatically. The term viral relates to the spread of a virus by human contact and similar to a computer virus which spreads from one system to another without control. Good internet marketing’s aim is to make things spread as much as possible but the content must be special to gain this type of traffic. To leverage this ordinarily relates to giving something of exceptional value, humour, financial or some other benefit which people would wish to share.

Rich Content

Historically many businesses used audio via radio ads to deliver their marketing messages, then later they evolved to cinema advertising and then later TV advertising. Nowadays  businesses can create their own videos or flash images, or commission them to improve their text-based marketing messages for internet marketing campaigns much more cost effectively. These adverts can then be posted online on YouTube or other video sharing sites. The videos or other rich media content if they go viral; can gain them worldwide exposure for very small budgets.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An alternative to many of the above marketing strategies is to improve your internet marketing website exposure within the SERPS by improving the Search Engine Optimization of your site. SEO  is usually discussed as Off Page SEO Optimization and On Page SEO Optimization . This will involve improvements in the content and presentation of your content within the site, hence On Page Optimization and improving your sites placement within the SERPS hence Off Page SEO Optimization. The benefit of a good SEO strategy is that once the strategy has been delivered the traffic that can be leveraged for free or very low cost can save significant on going internet marketing promotion costs. As you can see there are a variety of types of internet marketing promotion methods available to suit all requirements and budgets so there this something for everyone here, as always please like, share or leave a comment.


Mobile Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Before we discuss the most effective mobile marketing strategy for your business we should firstly examine what exactly is meant by mobile marketing and how it fits within our internet marketing strategy and the types of internet marketing promotions that we have available. Simply speaking mobile marketing is the process of marketing or presenting content to a potential customer via a handheld device such as a cellphone or some brand of tablet. Obviously there is a wide disparity in the type of handsets available in the cellphone market and you must factor in that the mobile devices are not all smart devices with touchscreen displays. Mobile marketing can be defined as using interactive wireless media to provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas, thereby generating value for all stakeholders”

Mobile marketing is sometimes also referred to as wireless marketing as generally mobile marketing is termed the method which uses the cell carrier or wireless service to distribute the message or advertisement. The use of “wireless” within mobile descriptions relates to the wireless cell network not a wireless LAN connection such as you might connect to at home or in a hotspot. Check out the statistics on this infographic showing the effectiveness of a mobile marketing strategy. One of the most remarkable statistics if there was any doubt on the effectiveness of mobile marketing is the increase in marketing spend on mobile marketing over the past 4 years. The value has quadrupled since 2009 from less than half a billion dollars to three and a half billion dollars. In stark contrast to this statistic is that 45 percent of business do not yet at all have an effective mobile marketing strategy. It would be interesting to discover how this statistic has changed over the past few years also. In Google new we can see that the push is towards gearing up for advertising on smaller displays whereas the trend was previously for handset displays to get larger.

Mobile Advertisers Brace for Smaller Smartphone Screens – Mobile Marketing Watch

Marketing Land Mobile Advertisers Brace for Smaller Smartphone Screens Mobile Marketing Watch Mobile Advertisers Brace for Smaller Smartphone Screens 289×300 Mobile Advertisers Brace for Smaller Smartphone Screens It’s been a primary concern for many. Possibly this is to try and capture the large volume of users with devices which are not smart devices. In 2012 it was estimated that nearly fifty percent of handsets sold within the United States were not smart phones.

Mobile Marketing and M2M Communications (The Internet of Things)

Outtakes from the NJ chapter of the BMA summit where Christina “CK” Kerley discussed mobile and m2m communications, aka “The Internet of Things”

 Mobile Coupons Fueling Mobile Commerce – Mobile Marketing Watch

Mobile Coupons Fueling Mobile Commerce – Mobile Marketing Watch – Mobile Coupons Fueling Mobile Commerce Mobile coupons and mobile commerce have an inextricable future together. That much is clear in a new report. This is another interesting statistic if there was any doubt about the effectiveness of a mobile marketing strategy. From the beginning of until the end of, mobile commerce increased from 3% of all eCommerce to a whopping 11%; a value estimated at eighteen billion dollars. Mobile coupons were an increasing trend as one of the drawbacks of mobile handsets has been the limited display size whereas clipping a coupon can be achieved easily on a mobile handset. So if you haven’t yet established a mobile strategy of your own get to work on it as soon as possible. There are a number of things you can implement quickly if you’re on WordPress such as using responsive or adaptive themes and mobile aware plugins. However you should really be considering embracing mobile users and developing an effective mobile marketing strategy to embrace these users specifically with mobile content as in the long run it will help increase your business or your business may even suffer if you neglect them.

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Internet Marketing Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge

I’ve been so busy completing the Internet Marketing Week 1 Training of Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge that I omitted to provide a write up of the training. The Week 1 training consisted of a webinar with Dean and the other members of the Quick Start Challenge who had also signed up with Dean to mentor them in their Internet Marketing training. The first weeks webinar was a great introduction to Dean and his methods and outlined the training that Dean was going to provide over the next 4 weeks. A large part of the first webinar focused on Time Management in order to get the best productivity that you can contribute towards your internet marketing goals. The webinar lasted close to 2 hours in total and was quite interactive with a Q&A session to conclude.

Internet Marketing Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge Week 1 Webinar

A large focus of the Week 1 training was a follow on activity to set up a blog. And this is it, over 150 attendees took action and completed a blog. In a later post I will go through an instruction process of how I set up this blog and registering a domain name. I purchased a domain name with NameCheap which is a great company for domain names and very affordable. Choosing a domain name is the first step in creating a website or blog as the domain name is what the site will be known as for the rest of its life. If you check out NameCheap or GoDaddy they have a search facility so you can check if the name you are looking for is available. Generally it is best practice to choose a domain name which is related to the theme of your website or blog so that it indicates to your visitors or customers the type of site this might be, e.g.  this site, related to internet marketing promotion

Internet Marketing Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge Week 1 Blog Setup

The next step when building a website or blog is to then purchase hosting with a website hosting company, I use HostNine for this another excellent company which again is very affordable. I have set up a number sites like this in the past and so was not expecting setting up this blog to be such an arduous chore. However when I got started with it I did discover a few issues with my site, luckily I was able to communicate the issues well to my hosting company HostNine and they resolved it very quickly for me which was great. So here it is and this is my second post. Leave a comment if you’ve enjoyed this and if you’d like me to provide more detail on anything please just ask in the comments section and I’ll look to see if I can cover it in a future post.

Web Design layout sketch drawing Software Media WWW and Graphic Layout Website development project
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How To Make A Website With Your Own Domain Name

If you’ve already purchased your domain name which we described in our post How to Register a Domain Name you may be wondering now how to make a website with your own domain name i.e what do you do next now you’ve actually got it so that you can get people to actually view your content. Many business select a domain name, some even go as far as purchasing their favored domain to protect them from someone else, you know the ones, the ones that relate to their business niches, the ones no one else would ever think of unless they were in the same industry. But they then do nothing with them, they might think I’ll build my own website to save some money but they don’t go forward with it or even consider consulting with any internet marketing expertise to help them.

This is a shame as your really great business website opportunity could be going to waste, gathering dust. Many people mistakenly feel that if they have already purchased the dream domain name but do nothing with it; then they are still protecting their idea and their little bit of internet real-estate. This is not always the case unfortunately as someone else can purchase a similar name and come at it from a different angle. Consider this  say for example you are a specialist in your area of expertise and you know of some really fantastic opportunities to promote some concept or information that you’ve never seen online before. So you purchase a website domain name that would be just right for this and one day your going to spend some time and sit down and write it all out and get a website online for all the world to see. While you ponder on this and going about how to make my own website another expert in their field very similar to yours; in another state or even another country has the exact same idea as yourself but the difference is that they are not hanging about thinking how to create a website they believe there’s gold in their idea so they register domain name;

They even purchase the exact same domain name that you have purchased but theirs has a different domain extension. No matter there was no competition and  the beauty of their idea is that they get it all down in writing and they don’t worry about web site hosting as they search Google get a guide online to help them and they get a WordPress blog up online with all their information listed on it.  They even write an eBook all about their information and they get to sell it all online and make a nice living. So really the only way to protect your online dream is to get going with it to create ur own website and get there first. I like to think of the internet much like the gold rush of old, everyone looking to stake a claim to their little piece of real estate with their own little plots and this is a good comparison I think. You don’t need to be first, don’t need to be unique, but you certainly have to show up. There is gold everywhere on the internet, but not just financial wealth; there are treasures of all sorts, access to information, services and products but to be involved you need to stake a claim with your own website and domain name.

Choosing your Website Hosting Service Provider

In order to make a website with your own domain name it is important to realize that the domain name that you have registered is only part of the equation and this represents your site name on the world wide web the name that people use to search or find your site but the other part of the equation which in our example above many did not follow up with is the actual detail of hosting websites as this is where our actual content will sit and be served to customers or visitors to your site. This is not a great cost and averages from $5 to $10 dollars a month for hosting. There are numerous hosting providers online; these are the companies that actually own the servers and networks that our webpages will actually sit on when the pages and posts are created.  Our general recommendation to customers is to use either Host Gator or Host9 as they are very cost effective, they provide all the website hosting options you will need, they are very well known, lastly they have excellent support and service reliability.

Setting up WordPress on Your Site

In between the hosting of the site and the domain name someone will have to put the content together and know how to create own website but this no longer needs web design consultants when you are starting off. If you utilize one of the above web hosting providers (Host9 or Host Gator ) they will be able to offer WordPress software for no extra cost and a WordPress blog is easily customized and very easy to be updated. The beauty of WordPress is that once its installed everything else just plugs in to it without screwing everything else up, its so easy. WordPress blogs are renowned throughout the web for ease of use and flexibility. You can do create these sites yourself if you know how to type and you have basic word processing skills you are good to go; making my own website and your little bit of internet real estate just got a little closer.

These are some great step by step guides for installing WordPress and setting up your first  posts:

New to WordPress Where to Start and Make Your Own Blog with WordPress Don’t be frightened of jumping in trying this, remember the worst thing that can happen is the site doesn’t respond and you screw something up when you are learning; so what amend it, fix it or if you have to scrap it all and reinstall WordPress again. It’s your site so who cares, you can do what you like. Don’t like the look of it change the themes, there’s thousands available for free and they plug right in. Keep adding to and tweaking it until it’s the way you want it, learn on the way it’s not a big deal but just get going with it.

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How To Install WordPress Blog On Your Website – Integrated Or Main Site

Many readers have asked “how to install WordPress blog on your website” so this post is going to take you through the process step by step. A WordPress blog is a great add-on to any website and very easy way to provide updated content to your market or subscribers. By adding content regularly to your site helps increase the visitors to your site and helps also with your internet marketing promotion efforts. The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want the WordPress blog  to be integrated into an existing site or to be the main focus of your site. Blogging is a great way to add content regularly to your site and if this is the only method that you will be using then the blog should be the main focus of the site.  If however you have a lot of static content that you would like to display or already have a website in place then the blog can be integrated into your existing site and the blog will be linked to by one of the pages off your main website.

How to Install WordPress Blog on Your Website – Main Site Method

Many internet domain hosting providers such as GoDaddy, HostGator or HostNine provide a very simple method how to install WordPress blog on your website this is via the CPanel. Once you have registered your domain and have your domain hosted with a website hosting provider you will be provided with your login information, username and password which will generally take you directly to your cPanel as follows. Scroll down the list of options and you will likely find either a section titled Softaculous or Fantastico. Just look for the blue WordPress logo and click on that link The software installer will then ask you a series of questions as follows, the main advice for this is DO NOT use the same username and password as that used to access the Cpanel for your site. This is a good security tip as you can have different users editing content for your blog and also if your blog does get hacked you can always get back in from your cpanel logon.

Much of the information required from the form is self explanatory and the suggested settings will be populated by default . The main things to change will be the sub-directory if required or blank this section, the site name and description can be changed later but fill this in now if you have this information to hand. Some of the important security aspects to secure your blog is to change the default username from admin to something else. This is the logon name and not your friendly name which can be entered later.  Also change the password to something more secure and lastly the default email although these last two can be altered later. After completing the information the install will proceed and offer the option of emailing the details to you, this is a great help to keep the information safe as if you lose the logon information you will struggle to get back into your blog.

How to Install WordPress Blog on Your Website – Integrated Site Method

If you already have a website and content and you are looking for how to install WordPress blog on your website have a WordPress blog integrated into your existing site. The method is similar to the above. The only difference being that when the software installer asks for a blog location you should include the sub-directory you wish the blog to be included within e.g. blog. Following the blog installation you would then have to update your website menus and content to add the new reference to the blog within your website menu. Then when a visitor clicks on the Blog Menu they will be directed to your new blog. If this is your preferred method it would be worth also updating the blog to include a link back to your main site via a Blogroll link or the Home menu of the blog. The main advice for this is DO NOT use the same username and password as that used to access the Cpanel for your site or for your main website logon. After the installations have completed depending on which method you have used you will be directed to the WordPress log on page. Use the username and password you entered in the setup information and you will then be able to log on on to your WordPress site for the first time. If you do not have Cpanel and Softaculous or Fantastico to install WordPress there is still a method how to install WordPress blog on your website, which I will detail this further in another blog


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Learn Internet Marketing Online – How To Register A Website Domain

The first lesson to learn internet marketing online is on how to establish an online presence and how to register a website domain name. A website domain name is the name that the website or blog that you are considering will be known as. This is an important consideration to learn as this will represent your business or product to the whole world within the online marketplace. A quick explanation here a website is often shortened to site and a domain name is often shortened to domain. These are all various ways of describing the same thing a domain is the name that you see in a web browser. The site is often referred to as the content which includes, the pages, images, information and posts that you will view on the domain. Once you register the website domain this will not change i.e. the name will not change over time but the site content can change to suit different types of online business systems even within the same online market.

So for example you may start of promoting your business as a kitchen fitting service but then later expand into selling kitchen units online all from the same site name; although the website content can change over the years to reflect this growth in your online business internet marketing ideas. There are two considerations to learn internet marketing online before registering your website domain name and that is to consider whether you would prefer to market and promote your service/product name or whether to market your business name. If you are a local business you will likely have a preference to have your name and type of business within the domain name e.g. Mike Jones Plumbing Services. This is a good technique as not only are you marketing your name Mike Jones but also your service Plumbing. Having a good domain name will allow visitors or people searching on the web to find you by name or service. If you have a number of services that you supply you may prefer just to market your service name e.g. Kitchen Supply Services or Marriage Communication

How to Choose a WebSite Domain Name

In this learn internet marketing online example I will use my site name If you have been following along with this learning internet marketing study; hopefully by now you will have a domain name in mind that you would like to register. The next step would be to see if it is actually available, you could actually fire up a web browser like Firefox or Explorer and just type them in to see if you find any content but this is a bit random and will not always give you the right answer. The best option is to visit NameCheap or GoDaddy and type in the preferred name you had in mind and they will tell you then and there if it is available and also the domain extensions available. It may be that the dot com is not available but the dot org may well be. If the preferred domain is not available you will see a list of alternatives that you might want to consider. Another tip if you do not want to consider an alternative is to consider using hyphens. So in my example I could have considered Phil Richards- internet marketing promotion or philrichards internet marketing-promotion.



How to Use your Website Domain for Internet Marketing Online


Once you have your domain name registered the next step would be to build a website or blog so that you can start promoting yourself or your product. This used to be quite a difficult task in the past to build a website and many people resorted to outsourcing this which is still an option but nowadays with the advances in technology it easy to now either set up a site yourself or even quicker add an internet business blog. A blog or weblog used to be utilized mainly for posting quick snippets of information but they are now very quick to bring up online and the richness of the themes available for these make them very quick and simple to setup for any business wanting to get a web presence up online quickly.



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Tracking Google Keyword Ranking With Market Samurai

Tracking Google keyword ranking with Market Samurai will be something that most blog or web site owners will look to investigate at some time or another in the life of their blog. The reason being that the aim when you establish your own blog will be to promote something of interest or something of value, this can be financially or personal value but nevertheless at some point you will want to investigate how well your site is doing. Keywords and keyword rankings are the way websites and blogs are measured against each other and sorted within the SERPS “Search Engines Result Page”. So in order to ensure your website or blog is getting enough organic search traffic you will want to discover if your keywords are ranking at all; and if so where they are ranking.

To do this I have used a number of rank trackers, some manual some automatic. Manual methods are quick for a one off to check keyword ranking and there are also some free keyword tracker such as SEOCentro but they do not help when you are trying to track over time and tabulate how you are ranking. For this it is better to utilize an automatic method such as tracking Google keyword ranking with Market Samurai. Market Samurai is a great keyword research tool for SEO, with a one off cost and all updates after that free for life. It’s my personal favorite for keyword research but additionally Market Samurai has some other great features which are often overlooked such as the online rank tracker with the Market Samurai Rank Tracker. To use this the first thing you will want to do us Create a New Campaign for your keywords that you are looking to track. The campaign name will be what you refer to it as and within this you can select whether you want to track keyword rankings within Google, Bing and Yahoo or any combination of the three. After creating your new keyword campaign, next you enter your domain or optionally domain URL’s where your keywords are associated.

Next you add your keywords that you would like to track. It is recommended that you track only the keywords that you are actually targeting as this will reduce the allocation against your account. This post relates to the newer version of the Rank Tracker as previously you had unlimited rank tracking data within the Market Samurai ranking tool but there were issues with people abusing this and so now there is a limited free volume of searches you can conduct per person with an upgrade option if this is not sufficient. I have found this free volume works great and has not been an issue for myself. Once you have created a few campaigns if you have a number of blogs or websites to monitor you can switch between them to view the data within each within the Campaigns Manager. This also allows you to amend the day the data is updated. Market Samurai Rank Tracker updates your data weekly. The data within each of the keyword ranking campaigns displays the keyword, whether it’s actually being tracked, the page its been found on and the rank of the page. The page rank appears with a green or red arrow indicating green moving up or red moving down in the Google keyword ranking.  Alongside each keyword is a chart option allowing you to view the keyword ranking as a chart over time and also the back links over time.

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Best Free WordPress Popup Plugins Of Turbo Charge Your Email List

I have been looking into the best WordPress popup plugins for use on my blog. As many of you may be aware I have been using the excellent Optin Revolution for some time now but it was not that I wanted a change as I am a firm believer in the fact if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but it was because the plugin which is a great free version of a paid pro version did not provide all the flexibility I was looking for. A popover plugin is probably the more politically correct terminology than a popup plugin. Popups have gained a bad press from their previous overuse with spammers opening multiple advertising windows when you clicked on a link. There are other options which make the use of popup less important which we will highlight later. On further investigation into this market and my increasing use of direct response marketing with email.

I found that there was quite a variance in the features that these products provided so I though it would be a good idea to review them in a post so you could all gain the benefit of my research and possibly choose your own best popup for WordPress. Firstly why do we need a popup at all on our site. For many years I was also of that opinion and my optin form would sit quietly in the sidebar hoping someone would click on it and fill out their information. You know the feeling! Well after investigating this market which is a very rich one indeed the statistics that I discovered were quite shocking and may make you all rush out and start implementing a popup if you haven’t already. In a review of the stats from a signup test of 1000 subscriptions; which included a popup, a sidebar, a footer and an optin page nearly 40% of the optins were generated from the popup. With the footer and the sidebar sharing joint second place at 20% each and the remaining areas of your site like within posts or pages only generating another 20 or so percent.

This means that the WordPress popover should be the king of your lead generation efforts as it will contribute the most optins for you in its working life. So the criteria for my blog is to have a signup form in the above 3 most effective positions sidebar, footer and popup. If you are using Aweber or GetResponse you are covered for your sidebar as this is the most simple of features to implement. There is also a popup  available but there is no control over the placement of this and the design is very limited but its certainly better than nothing. A footer signup form is the hardest to achieve with no coding or the use of a plugin. 0So the criteria for this test is a rich modal 0popup with as much control of the display as possible. Modal means that the user focus is switched to the new popup window until they complete it or close it. If it can additionally be used as a footer or exit all the better but I suspect the free versions will be either or functionality.

Optin Revolution

This is a great free popup plugin with a rich HTML editing feature. The disadvantages of this plugin is that you although you can control when the popup is displayed per visitor you cannot control per page, post or a delay before the popup is displayed. There is a paid upgrade to the Pro version which enables all these features and increases the functionality of this product. I really like this plugin and the full version allows split testing of upto 5 popup windows plus inline split testing which is something I haven’t seen elsewhere.

unnamed (29)
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Why You Should Split Test Your Blog or Website

The function of just about any blog or website is to inform, entertain or earn revenue so why should you want to split test your blog or website? Well if we consider any of the functions doing any single one of them better should be a good thing. You can inform more people, entertain more people or possibly earn more revenue with your site as a direct result of your online website testing.

But How Does AB Split Testing Your Site or Blog Help in This Process and What is Split Testing?

Consider a website which is perhaps poorly designed or badly laid out; without anyone considering a website test plan the site will never improve to attain its full potential; this is what split testing your blog or site sets out to achieve. The major consideration when conducting an AB split test is to ensure that you have a record of the current state or condition of the blog or website in order to measure a variation. Going back to your school science days this would be known as your control sample which we will experiment against. In order to measure a variation you will then also need to have some form of tracking or statistical tool in place which will measure the variation. The variation may be positive or negative but the Google split testing process aims to change one condition at a time hence the AB split test terminology; with an aim in order to increase the performance of a given condition over time. The condition may be an increase in user engagement measured by Facebook likes, Tweets, Goggle+ shares, comments, mail list opt-ins, time spent or conversion of the site measured by increased revenue from ad clicks or products purchased.

Items which you can consider split testing are as follows

  • Title fonts
  • Title color
  • Title font size
  • Title text
  • Sub Headings within the Article
  • Article Length
  • Article content
  • Default body font
  • Video Content
  • Different Images
  • Video placement
  • Image placement
  • Site Theme
  • Ad Types
  • Ad Placement
  • Calls to Action
  • Audio

If you are using WordPress you might want to consider testing your Widget placements, the items within your Widgets and the number of Widgets.

First Things First – Decide What to Split Test

So before we begin the process to split test your blog or website we will need to decide what we are going to change and how we are going to measure this within our website testing plan. Depending on the metric we are looking to improve within the Google split test may define the way that we are going to measure this. Time on site may be measured by Google Analytics;  mail list op-tins via Aweber stats; ad clicks by Google Ad-sense or other paid traffic statistics. It is worth documenting the desired outcome of the website split testing or email split testing so that it can be reviewed later against the outcome. An important consideration of the split test is that you have enough traffic or visitors to the site to measure a reliable result. This is usually considered at least 100 views, the split test condition can then be measured for an increase or decrease. As our aim is to continuously improve an area one piece at a time it is inevitable that the data might not provide the data that we were expecting i.e. the split tests might show a decrease but even this data is valuable as it shows we were going in the wrong direction so we can reverse it. Eventually you may reach the point where the 2 variables cannot be optimized further as the output of a test shows a balanced output with the same data resulting in either version. Another point to note is that the split test negative or positive picture may not be what we had anticipated before running the test but it is important that we utilize this data and not ignore the outcome. Much like a focus group this us the customers opinion which we ignore at our peril.

WordPress Split Testing Plugins

WordPress split testing can be carried out by using a specialized WordPress split testing plugin, there are a few of these available for free if you search for split test within your plugins page or within Google. The ones I prefer are WordPress Landing Pages and Max A/B. These 2 WordPress plugins make testing a variation on your site such as landing page split testing or variations in headers very easy, they do not work for posts though only pages. But hey ho they are FREE. The MAX A/B plugin allows you to test a page against another 3 variations, this can be set and forget as you can run the test until a condition is reached then come back and review your results. The plugin will automatically rotate the different variations until the test condition is reached or you stop the test.

Digital Marketing

How To Find Keywords For Your Post Or Site With Low Competition

Knowing how to find keywords for your post or site with low competition is a good technique as it allows you to get more bang for your buck with each post. When you first create your website or blog you will likely have a plan in mind for it with regards the way you would like it to grow and the material you would like to cover. Part of this plan may also include the material you might want to promote or the way that you may consider to make money from your  website or blog. Part of the success of your website or blog in its chosen area of specialty or expertise will rely on a number of factors, one of these will include the uniqueness of the content which is displayed within the site and another very important factor is how well the material that is presented within the site is searched and ranked within the Search engines or SERPS

One of the problems with blogging is that you can either just write freely about your topic and hope that you material will rank and hence get found within the SERPS and get traffic or else you can be targeted in your approach to writing content so that you may be able to better rank your material and be writing about topics that include keywords which have a lower search volume but less competitive. Another consideration would be if your topic was very competitive like internet marketing then you would be better off trying to rank lower competition keyword posts than very high competition keywords. So the common question often asked is  “How do I find keywords that are searched frequently but are less competitive”. Well as we have highlighted previously in another post you can use a keyword search tool like Market Samurai or else you can use Google of course to find keywords with the Google Keyword Tool.

This is similar to the process when we are looking for niche selection but in this instance we are already on topic so we know what topics we want to want to write about and we are now looking for how to find keywords used frequently in search terms which will be related to our content. To begin this process we can use brainstorming techniques to search the web for some good content to give us ideas that we might then be able to present our views about the topic or we might be able to present this information with a new spin or better insight into it. Once we have our topic in mind we can use Google search as a keyword suggestion tools and if we enter the topic phrase we will be presented with the top searched content on this phrase which will then help us with ideas for locating the related best keywords which are less competitive that we can then utilize within our next phase.

The next phase on how to find keywords which are searched frequently is to then enter these search phrases or topic variations within the keyword research software or Google Keyword analysis Tool. Google will then return the search volumes for the phrases and keywords that you have entered plus those additional keywords and phrases which have search volumes and are closely related to our keywords. From this list of keyword searches we can either then just review the list and identify phrase variations that we can substitute or include additionally within our post or we can be more scientific about it. Ideally what we are looking to achieve is to find a keyword or keyword phrase that has a sufficient search volume to generate sufficient search traffic but is not too highly competitive so that the keyword rankings would be to low to be never found. In this example we will use the Google Keyword Tool and within this Google allows us to filter the returned Google keywords search results to weed out the gems and find top keywords by use of some filters.

Firstly we would want to ensure that the local search reflected the country we are targeting this is generally the United States. Then we  would want to select a filter <= 5000 which indicates a keyword ranking with less than 5000 monthly searches. Then we would want to select Exact Search from the filters on the left. An ideal keyword to find is one with around 1000 searches a month but a very good tip is to look at a group of closely related keywords and use these within the post also. This helps with the LSI (Latent semantic indexing) relevance of your keyword and currently the Google Keyword Tool includes a BETA function which automatically does this for us. This is a great help for PPC marketing but is also a big assist with our SEO ranking and the SEO rank of the keyword. So from the above Google Keyword Tool search we have discovered how to find keywords which are not too competitive but still get a sufficient search volume to make them worth utilizing on our blog.