Importance Of Mobile Marketing & Advertising

In our third post in the mobile marketing series we talk about why companies use mobile marketing, hopefully this will help you to decide if mobile marketing is right for your business. Mobile Devices Are Personal Even if you are given a mobile phone or tablet for your work it is very likely that you use it to store personal information, whether that be your contacts, photos, video, appointment information or personal notes.

They are also personal in the sense that they tend to have a single owner i.e. you are unlikely to share your phone with someone else. This gives businesses the opportunity of personalising their marketing message to some extent although of course privacy and permission based marketing is all we are advocating here.

They Are Always On Most people keep their mobile devices switched on and on or around their person, particularly their phones. It is very rare that someone doesn’t have their mobile on them or switched on. Even when in meetings people tend to turn their mobile device onto silent or vibrate rather than turn it off all together.

This means that any marketing messages sent will be most likely read within a couple of minutes of it being sent, but of course this makes the timing of those messages incredibly important. No one wants to be woken up in the middle of the night to receive your marketing information.

They Can Be Used To Make Payments Why Companies Use Mobile MarketingThe SIM card is a built in payment system it’s just that we have only recently been using them to pay for anything other than phone calls, with apps becoming more and more popular you can use your phone to purchase anything from music, apps to your groceries.

People have gotten used to paying for content through their mobile devices too and so things like e-books are a potential way for you to monetise the content that exists within your business. It’s Easy To Share Mobile content is easy to share and therefore can encourage ‘viral’ potential if the content/message/offer is interesting or compelling enough.

It is easy and quick to share via mobile and we have gotten so used to doing this via social networking sites that doing this via mobile is almost second nature now. Easy To Track Like any campaign, you need to be able to track your marketing activity and the beauty of mobile marketing is that this is very easy to do.

Every action can be tracked to a single phone number so it can be easy to measure user engagement. Although there are stringent privacy laws about peoples data and you cannot gain personal information about someone, you can see individuals activity which is vital in measuring success of any campaign.

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