Newcomers To Internet Marketing – Here Are 10 Useful Tips To Get You Started
Digital Marketing

Newcomers To Internet Marketing – Here Are 10 Useful Tips To Get You Started

Newcomers To Internet Marketing – Here Are 10 Useful Tips To Get You Started
Digital Marketing

Newcomers To Internet Marketing – Here Are 10 Useful Tips To Get You Started

Needless to say the internet has clearly revolutionized our way of life. The whole world is now accessible at the click of a button. But for those wanting to be a part of it, it can still be an overwhelming challenge.

Below are 10 Tips for beginners to Internet Marketing

1. Reckon positive

Avoid negative individuals like the plague. Too many times I have heard people who have not yet started making their own website howling “It is never going to work”! Use your time and efforts researching your interests and leisure activities and find out exactly how they could be utilized in your website. Choosing a subject that you are interested in will help to keep you motivated in the long run.

2. Study the terminology

It is vital that you know commonly used online marketing terms. Familiarize yourself with the following basic terms: affiliate, anchor text, Google Analytics, Alexa Rank, back links, blog, domain name, host, hyperlink, IP address, Keyword, Ezine articles, HTML. As you gain confidence you will extend your technical vocabulary.

3. Get the necessary skills

Nearly anyone who enters the online marketing world without the necessary skills will undoubtedly fail or spends months if not years of unnecessary sweating and struggling whilst desperately trying to figure it out. Most people would not attempt to drive a car without firsttaking a few driving lessons! Internet marketing works on the same principle. Instead of “diving” head first, take time to learn basic skills. From how to upload you website to the web, to inserting links, videos, pictures, etc. There are thousands of cheap online courses available.

4. Inform as many people as possible about your website

Make sure you show your website URL in your emails, on your business cards, basically everywhere you can legally do so.

5. Utilize the right Tools

From helping you to do your research (Google AdWords tool, market samurai…) to uploading your website (filezilla, AceFTP) there are thousand of tools and resources available.

6. Make the most of the Freebies

There are lots of FREE tools and resources online. From WordPress to make your blog or website to Google keyword tool to research your market! Before spending any moneyalways do first a thorough search online for any free tools and resources you can find.

7. But all is not free

Although internet marketing is relatively inexpensive, to function properly you will need to pay for web hosting (this is to have your website online) and invest in some tools like an autoresponder.

8. Choose the simple option – become an Affiliate

Although you might have read lots of information about making your own product, as a beginner it is much simpler at first to sell someone else’s product. By becoming an affiliate you will be able to choose from a large number of online companies and rapidly start to promote their products.

9. Write quality content

Fundamentally, you need to become an expert on the topic of your website. Sharing lots of rich information will produce the greatest results.

10. Ultimately Don’t give up – “Rome was not build in one day”. 

00When I first tried to make my own website, I realized early on that there was a lot more to internet marketing than making a gorgeous website.