Do You Really Need A Website These Days
Internet Marketing

Do You Really Need A Website These Days

Do You Really Need A Website These Days
Internet Marketing

Do You Really Need A Website These Days

I seem to keep coming across this question a lot lately and to me it is an important question. As I have many friends and know a lot of people, who love to write online for sites like Hub-pages, Squidoo or (my favorite place) and some make a little money and others just for pleasure. But with all their hard work they put in to these free landing pages I always wonder and ask, would it not be better if you had your own site.

Some people say, sure why would I need a site? I make money here creating free pages so why bother! Others, shyly say, yes I would love a site but I do not know how, or it is too much work or expensive. So Do you really need a Site these days? To me, the answer is simply yes, and the reason, because it is simpler than ever to build one and a necessity if you own a business.

So What Are The Benefits And Importance To Owning A Website!

1 You can create what ever type of site you like. Whether it is for business, for fun, for pleasure, family friends it does not matter, at the end of the day, it is yours, You Own It.

You can Express your Own Opinions and ideas, say what you like, create what you like. Self freedom and the fact that you created it are a great feeling.

3 You can optimize your site for SEO and PPC, giving you an advantage and great ability to make money and create an income for yourself.

Create and Manage your own content. Again, been able to regularly go in to your website and be able to update or add new information is vital to survival on the Internet, especially since it is changing so quickly.

5 Store and collect data. This is great since you have the power to do this, where if you were using a free site like Hub-pages etc. you would not.

6 Collect E-mails. This is one of the best reasons. In the Marketing world these days, building a list of e-mail subscribers is important, and can contribute to a recurring income. It is one of the best factors of having a website with an opt-in box included.

You Are In Control. You could easily get along on the Internet these days with out a website, as there ae tons of free places to store your information. But if one of these places decided to close shop, which happens, it is possible to lose all you have worked for.

When you create pages with Hub-pages or Squidoo etc. Basically, they own your work. But, by going ahead, learning how to create a website, buying your Domain name, you own it, it is all yours, and if you are starting out in the world of Internet and Affiliate Marketing, it is a very important factor of your trade, and finding the right course and learning how to properly do it is essential. Also, I can’t seem to come up with any negatives to owing your own site other than it can cost a little money, you have to Create it (to me this is fun) and takes a little work, that’s really it.


So, the answer to the question, Do You Really Need A Website is yes, I believe we do. It is very easy to set one up these days, especially because of Word-press, Thank you Word-press. I went from writing on Hub-pages (which I still Do) to doing an Internet Marketing Course and teaching myself to build a website using WordPress. I now own 15 websites, which is excellent for a man only learning to use a computer, and more to come