The Main Type Of Internet Marketing Promotion
Internet Marketing

The Main Type Of Internet Marketing Promotion

The Main Type Of Internet Marketing Promotion
Internet Marketing

The Main Type Of Internet Marketing Promotion

Internet marketing promotion is the concept of using the internet to either enhance or be the main focus of your marketing campaigns effort. If you a traditional bricks and mortar business this may be additional marketing effort whereas if you are an online only business these types of internet marketing promotion can be the main focus of your marketing websites strategy. The types of internet marketing promotion chosen can entail all or some of the following methods of marketing, depending on your budget and the competition within your market segment or niche.

Banner Advertising

A Banner Ad or Web Banner is an image that displays a stationary or moving graphic and has a built in hyperlink or link to the advertiser’s website. This is a very common form of targeted internet marketing on the internet as it can be targeted by the demographics of your customer in order to save costs. This type of advertising also benefits from be able to gain very quick feedback from your customers on the effectiveness of your online marketing promotion. Banner ads can supplement traditional magazine and street banner ads to enhance marketing campaigns. An additional benefit of this form of website internet marketing over traditional marketing banners is because they are delivered electronically they can be amended quickly, mid campaign, in order to tweak the performance. This can ensure the potential over the period of the website marketing strategy is maximized. If banner A is outperforming banner B, it is possible to hold back on the delivery of banner B and increase the delivery of banner A to increase conversions with no increase in banner spend, making the marketing campaign more profitable. Banner ads are one of the more cost effective types of internet marketing promotion.

Back Linking and Link Exchanges

Websites can utilize back links to increase their traffic, as they act as a referral from one site to another. The search engine spiders will then follow the links from the first site to the second within the back linking. Back links between sites are generally  grown organically as word of the site or product is communicated and commented online. Some site authors will however to enhance their online marketing campaigns; exchange links with complementary sites for free. This is usually dependent on them being the same PR or page rank. These link exchanges can also be managed through a membership sites where all members agree to exchange links with complementary sites.  Busy high traffic and high PR websites will however sell back links which can increase your sites exposure online.

Email Marketing

This is one of the best and easiest ways to market your business or business promotion and reach out to your target audience.  Email marketing is a form of online direct marketing using electronic mail to keep in touch with your customers and advise them of new products or changes in products and services. Email marketing has replaced traditional mail marketing and is much more cost effective form of online marketing for small business and larger ones as costs are low with postage and mailing costs being saved. Email marketing is also a very quick and targeted internet marketing method with feedback response to a new online marketing plan able to happen within hours instead of days. Aweber is a good example of one of the most popular email direct marketing vendors with a rich set of features to manage your direct mail and subscriber list safely so that you are never accused of spamming. Email marketing is probably one of the least cost types of internet marketing promotion but still very powerful if utilized effectively.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is a type of an online advertising campaign for internet marketing promotions which essentially involves advertisers to pay for the visitors to their website on a Pay Per Click (PPC) or Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. The client only pays when a user clicks on its ‘’Sponsored Link” and visits that particular website. These links are however ranked in terms of cost with the most expensive links placed higher on the search page results. These adverts are recognized by everyone now as the small ads that are displayed within the search engine (SERPS) listings by Google, Bing and Yahoo. These ads can also now be targeted to display within content such as online email readers, article directories, magazine sites and other material published online. There are now many vendors of PPC ads in addition to the SERPS such is the size now of this market. Enhancements in this technology have now also introduced contextual advertising which allows hyperlinks to advertisements to be displayed within the content of the actual page. PPC is a very effective form of internet marketing promotion and can provide significant traffic volumes. Again this needs to be utilized properly to minimize the costs and make it cost effective.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program involves publishers or marketers who target advertisers or other marketers in exchange for commissions on leads and/or sales generated. This is an electronic version of a distribution network of goods and services. The originator or manufacturer passes on his products for a reduced sale value for the benefit of widening his sales network or footprint in the market. As many products traded on the internet are electronic  there is no stocking costs for the vendors and they don’t have to maintain an inventory which is very cash effective and beneficial to your business.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing for website promotion marketing is using social media or other sharing sites to have your message promoted around the web automatically. The term viral relates to the spread of a virus by human contact and similar to a computer virus which spreads from one system to another without control. Good internet marketing’s aim is to make things spread as much as possible but the content must be special to gain this type of traffic. To leverage this ordinarily relates to giving something of exceptional value, humour, financial or some other benefit which people would wish to share.

Rich Content

Historically many businesses used audio via radio ads to deliver their marketing messages, then later they evolved to cinema advertising and then later TV advertising. Nowadays  businesses can create their own videos or flash images, or commission them to improve their text-based marketing messages for internet marketing campaigns much more cost effectively. These adverts can then be posted online on YouTube or other video sharing sites. The videos or other rich media content if they go viral; can gain them worldwide exposure for very small budgets.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An alternative to many of the above marketing strategies is to improve your internet marketing website exposure within the SERPS by improving the Search Engine Optimization of your site. SEO  is usually discussed as Off Page SEO Optimization and On Page SEO Optimization . This will involve improvements in the content and presentation of your content within the site, hence On Page Optimization and improving your sites placement within the SERPS hence Off Page SEO Optimization. The benefit of a good SEO strategy is that once the strategy has been delivered the traffic that can be leveraged for free or very low cost can save significant on going internet marketing promotion costs. As you can see there are a variety of types of internet marketing promotion methods available to suit all requirements and budgets so there this something for everyone here, as always please like, share or leave a comment.